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Jaipur (Rajasthan)

Affilated By: AICTE, RTU

Type: Private

  • Estd. year : 2010

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Hostels of Anand International College of Engineering (AICE)


With the feel of a home away from home, the college offers to its students coming in from different parts of the country, separate boys’ and girls’ hostels, with stylish and peppy ambiance promoting constructive peer discussions. At Anand-ICE, we extend a fantastic choice of living providing a safe, secure, and sociable start to your college experience.

   We offer our students a variety of rooms at very economical prices which also includes a number of facilitiTY including attached bathrooms, food, gymnasium, housekeeping, electricity backup and a lot more.


1.      All Hostellers are required to maintain standards of behavior and discipline.
2.      Hostellers must attend all the classes & co-curricular activities during college hours unless he/she is sick and advised by a doctor for rest, otherwise adequate action will be taken.
3.      Level of noise (by all means) must be kept low at all times to allow others the opportunity to study or sleep in comfort
4.      Any outsider including parents is strictly forbidden inside hostel.
5.      Visitors including parents are allowed only into the visitor’s area during the visiting hours as:
03:30 pm
07:00 pm
08:00 am
07:00 pm
6.      The entry of any boy is strictly forbidden inside the girl’s hostel and vice-versa.
7.      Student should not carry out any illegal / immoral / political / communal activities in the hostel as well as college premises.
8.      Smoking and consumption of alcohol or narcotic drugs is prohibited in the hostel and students are not permitted to enter the hostel premises in intoxicated state.
9.      Ragging is strictly prohibited. Strict action will be taken against anyone found involved in ragging.
10. Students are not allowed to leave the hostel premises without written permission of warden after 07:00 pm for girls and 08:00 pm for boys. Maximum two late entries will be entertained in a month.
11. Gates will be closed after the stipulated timings.