Value Proposition of MBA Students in Employers

Ayushi Kothari


Hiring an MBA and spending a handsome salary arises a question of what value does an MBA brings into the organization?

The answer we usually get is that they are smart and presentable, good at communication & interpersonal skills; possess knowledge about supply chain management, accounting, marketing, strategies etc. but things could be there in any individual.  An MBA is much more than just these.

People have a hard time articulating the unique skillset that justifies the actual worth of MBAs.

MBA teaches you the skill of initiative & competitive advantage which is needed to start a new business. The curriculum involves a broad spectrum of business-related topics including accounting, statistics, economics, operations, management, business communication, public & industrial relations and entrepreneurship.

If you plan to work in a business-related field, in management, or as a company founder only then it is worth the expense, time, and effort that goes while doing it. Employers also hire MBA graduates for higher management and leadership positions. So, It never matters even if the industry is different, you can take a job for management or leadership position implementing your learning from MBA Course  but otherwise the degree of MBA may not be useful if you do not use your skills & Learning.

Employers very well know that it’s not just the tag of “MBA” that justifies a candidate for an ideal hire. There are people who achieve a high level of success even without this degree. The degree may catch an employer’s attention at first but it doesn’t stand out a candidate unless flawless in other ways, like astute, fast to adapt, or humble. Degree just gives the priority to the candidate to apply and get the opportunity before other without standing in Queue.

It is suggested that in the middle of this decision you must know and remember that start-ups are one of the best places to learn and showcase your talent or skillset; but they don’t always look for MBA holders. They admire the candidates with confidence and often hire out-of-the-box thinkers who can contribute in innovation, look at the bigger picture, self-motivated, self-driven and shows a different perspective to the world.

Factors that differentiate MBA candidates from others:

ü  MBA students spend 2 years studying business cases, reviewing scenarios and come up with decisions to resolve a problem lying in between.

ü  MBA students are being trained to work with full dedication irrespective of Personal Interest.

ü  A common factor among these business cases is: 
“Allocating resources with limited information, and building a case for a financial decision.

ü  The skillset of decision making id built by brainstorming and discussions that helps in resolving the business cases.

ü  MBA students understand in depth of why is a particular decision is taken; budgeting, planning and staffing.

ü  In MBA, “Problem Solving” and “Decision Making” are the must learn aspects that allows the candidates to have this unique skillset of Efficient allocation of resources with strategy implementation. This helps an organization and its people to come out of decision paralysis and old peanut buttering methods.