Things to Avoid While Selecting B. Tech Colleges in Delhi/Jaipur

Below are some of the common mistakes students make while selecting the best B. Tech colleges in Jaipur/Delhi and otherwise that you should avoid to proceed wisely and shine brightly.


One of the most important and influential decisions you will ever make is selecting a college. This decision is so important because this college can be the turning point in your life and provide the first step towards a better future. Hence, you should not ignore the importance of the decision and choose the college wisely.


Students, facing a lack of proper counseling and direction, tend to make some wrong decisions when it comes to selecting a college. These wrong decisions, however small, can affect your future really badly. Hence, you should avoid certain things while selecting B. Tech colleges in Delhi/Jaipur.


This helps in ensuring that you, as a student, do what’s better for the greater good, rather than what is suggested or followed by others. We may be able to help you with that, so check out the coming sections of this article for the “Don’ts while selecting a college”.

What Should You Avoid While Choosing B. Tech Colleges in Jaipur/Delhi for Ease

In the section provided below, we will go through the most common mistakes that you should avoid while selecting B. Tech colleges in Delhi/Jaipur and other cities. These may seem a little “too obvious” to you yet you should look out for the same as these are quite common. 

Never Be Influenced by Others

This happens a lot, we get influenced by the doings of other individuals. The same is the case with students. Generally, we have found that students tend to do and select B. Tech Colleges in Jaipur/Delhi after getting influenced by their friends. This happens due to two reasons, lack of information about the same and the advantage of being close to a friend(s) while you study.


But this approach can be very harmful to your future. Yes everyone looks for a comfort zone but that does not mean that you should allow yourself to sabotage your career for this petty requirement. Be wise and select a college that you think is best for your future goals, not your friends.

Taking Snap Decisions

This is another thing that can ruin your career. You should never take any snap decisions. Selecting B. Tech Colleges in Delhi/Jaipur and otherwise are very important. Hence, you should spend proper time and effort in research before you opt for any college. If you pick quickly, just for the sake of making a decision and to “get over it” can and has proved to be very harmful to a lot of students.


Even if you think you are not getting enough time to make a decision, then too, you should let go of the opportunity if you can. Alternatively, if you think that the opportunity is too good to be true, you should take out every single second from that point forward to decide what should be done.

Let’s Continue the Legacy of Our Family

We have seen so many students playing with their future following this culture while selecting B. Tech Colleges in Jaipur/Delhi. Yes, the legacy of the family is quite an important part of everyone. But you should never let it influence your life decisions. Not everything is built for everyone. Your father may be great at the family business whereas alternatively, you may be an amazing chef. Then you should go for hotel management rather than helping your father. It's for your and your family’s greater good.

Will the Cafeteria and Other Amenities be Good Enough? 

You may find it hard to believe but at least 30% of the students that seek our help to select B. Tech Colleges in Delhi/Jaipur ask us this question. Will the cafeteria (or any other amenities) be good enough? This is an immature thing to ask. Your main focus should be on the overall benefits of the college rather than the “non-essentials”. Keep the other factors at the back of your list and give preference to important attributes like faculty, education level, curriculum, etc.

Informing and Visiting the Campus

You may not know this, but the conclusions at B. Tech Colleges in Jaipur/Delhi and elsewhere are trained. They know how to deal with students and show the good things about the colleges only. They will conceal the other important information that can actually affect you. 

Hence, to be a step ahead of such counselors, you should take a visit to the campus of the college without informing the staff members. Check out how things work at the college and get a ground report. This will help you ascertain whether the words told during the counseling are true or just hokum to hook you in.