The Curriculum That B-Schools Should Introduce

Ms. Anushree Maheshwari


If you want to start a new career, change your stream, or learn business practices to apply in difficult situations; Business schools may be a good option for you! 

Before enrolling to earn your master's, see what business schools teaches you. 

One aspect for many Indian B-schools is that career development in a business school depends on research more than teaching. What you learn depends more on the number of papers and citations that a professor has than his ability to run a business or even teach or manage the classroom. Many Indian B-school professors are publishing papers to add volume and not focus on quality, utility, and value. If they do not do so, they are released and so are the cats running the rat, today!


Professors from many business schools have no management experience to manage a business that is technology-based and does not even understand the strategic management aspects needed to implement and manage new business paradigms. In many Indian B-schools, professors have never worked in the corporate sector or have ever been part of a start-up, have never taken up consulting work to solve real-world challenges of organizations yet they teach students how to cope up with challenges by the corporate companies. 


Surely, the times are changing and to give more exposure of corporate culture & professional working environment institutions organize different events like- B- plans, entrepreneurship and management programs, industrial visits, guest lectures by renowned achievers, internships and other informational courses for the students to learn more from real life aspects.

Certain skillsthat should also be taught in B-schools for more knowledge, and qualifications:

·         Facing failure 

·         To change and sustain learning

·         Learning from the failures of others

·         Sale 

·         Soft skill

·         Built good relationships

·         Digital marketing trends

·         Goal setting


“All MBA have said are correct, but they can’t execute it” –Jack Ma

Unfortunately this is true most times. So, let’s change it this time!

And the only way to achieve this is to get out of there and learn; by doing things, by executing the plans, by research and by understanding that life is full of opportunities, success &failures. All that’s needed is the first step.