Ms. Ayushi


Every student who is willing to pursue a management career is now confused between PGDM & MBA as to which one is better.This may not be a very big concern for recruiters because they mostly look for candidates with confidence and great potential to learn & perform. Also, it’s better to choose an institute with good ranking, upgraded curriculum, internships and placement offers. Degree or diploma, focus on what an institute is ready to provide in terms of academic environment, curriculum, faculty, other learning & development programs and placements. Yes, PGDM is considered slightly better than MBA because of some reasons discussed below:

Industry Integrated Syllabus
PGDM courses are more aligned with industrial aspects as compared to MBA. Institutions that provide PGDM makes sure that the courses are updated as per industry requirements, changing time and again. PGDM courses are provided by autonomous bodies so they don’t have to seek permission or wait for the universities to make changes in the curriculum.

Preferred Specialization
PGDM provides more specialization options to choose from. In most institutions there are five major specializations provided- Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Operations, Business Analytics; but a lot of PGDM colleges are now providing more than 10 streams of specializations.

Learning &development:
A PGDM institute creates an environment of “Learning by Doing”. They believe that a professional should be as skilled as knowledgeable. Various events, competitions and other certification courses are organized; assignments are given to solve real time problems. PGDM teaches skills that are important for the survival in a job. Also, these skills are important for managerial and leadership positions in a reputed company; or to become a better entrepreneur.

Mentorship under proficient Faculty members
Reputed institutions that offer PGDM courses hire highly qualified teachers with some sort of expertise in their respective streams. These faculty members works on themselves also as they are continuously involved is studies & research papers. They try to bring the recent corporate learnings to the table while guiding the students in appropriate direction. PGDM institutes retain these dedicated, knowledgeable and open minded people with


Training & Placement opportunities
PGDM is one of the most trending programs, though, the companies offer some attractive job packages and keeps it on priority. These offers are given for jobs as well as multiple trainings and internships during the programs.

Entrepreneurial Possibilities
For the candidates who are willing to become entrepreneurs; institutes align investors for start-ups and business plans. Students get to approach, interact and learn from various different business leaders and other achievers at events organized. This also helps them build a network even before the actually start their professional journey

Education + Entertainment = Edutainment
Faculty at PGDM institutes emphasizes on learning with fun so that the classes are never boring. Students start to respect the discipline, course, professors, and their own career when the excitement of learning is well taken care of. The sessions are more interactive involving activities, games, presentations, case studies, brainstorming sessions, etc. Faculties allow students to present their own perspective and observations.

Individual mentorship programs give these intelligent and sharp minds the wings to fly as the ideas and opinions are well received and appreciated. Working under the guidance of these mentors the students get top shape themselves into future leaders and they don’t even have to compromise with their academic performances

Guest lectures by their own higher management, leading dignitaries, industry specialists & successful businessmen are another exposure as they share their stories and tips on how achieve success

Students are leaning towards PGDM over MBA because of the frequent changes in the industry. The more skilled they are as per the contemporary scenarios the more chances they will have for their survival and growth.