NEET Counselling And Entrance Exam- Thing You Must Know Before Applying For NEET

Read about most important things you must know before applying for NEET


NEET examination or the National Eligibility Entrance Test is one of the most crucial exams you will ever appear for in the medical field. This exam decides what kind of college you will be choosing for MBBS and other studies. Additionally, this exam is the perfect way to ascertain the decision-making, problem-solving skills, aptitude, and other limits of the students.

Hence, the MBBS or dental colleges in India prefer this exam to provide admissions to the students in the same. Everyone hears the words NEET examination and starts making assumptions based on improper or incomplete information. So, to help you get over the hoax and provide the actual information about the exam, we have brought together this write-up for you. So, let’s start with what is the NEET examination and then move on to what is NEET counselling and other aspects related to the exam.

What is the NEET Examination?

As said earlier, NEET is an eligibility test for medical aspirants. This test ascertains the knowledge of the students related to the medical domain and other related attributes. The exam was previously known as the All India Pre-Medical Test or AIPMT. If you want to excel in your career in the medicine or dental domain, then you need to appear for this exam.

One can easily divide the eligibility process under the NEET examination into five stages. These are results, merit list of students, NEET counselling for students, application to the desired colleges, and lastly, admission.

Why Should You Appear for NEET Examination?

There are over 500 different medical colleges in the country. Some of these are renowned government colleges while others are private institutions. Once, you appear for the exam and clear the same, you get a call for NEET counselling. After this, you can easily apply to the desired college and get admission accordingly.

However, before NEET, the situation was quite different and complicated. This was because there was no particular exam for the medical aspirants hence, the colleges conducted their own. THis increased the risk of charging high fees for exams to the students and exploiting them. To stop all this, the government introduced the NEET examination.

What Should You Keep In Mind While Preparing for NEET Examination?

NEET examination is quite complex. It requires sheer focus and smart execution to clear the exam with good marks. If you prepare smartly, you can easily get admission to the required college. Remember, a good score in the exam will open you to the complete domain of medical science. Below are a few tips that can help you prepare better for the NEET exam:


  1. Prepare for Mainstream Subjects- If you have any problems in understanding Physics, Chemistry, and Biology or you just simply hate any one or more of these, then you should stop thinking about appearing for NEET. These are the mainstream subjects in the exam. You will find questions from all three and hence should best prepare for the same.

  2. Clear All Phobias- The medical field is related to the human body and hence includes blood, muscles, wounds, and more. If you have a phobia of any of these things, then NEET is not for you. Before you appear for the NEET examination, ensure that you clear all of these phobias so that you don’t face any problems in the future. 

  3. Requirement of Time- The medical domain demands time. You need to give some particular and substantial years of your life to complete the courses. Hence, you should be ready for the same and accept before you appear for the NEET examination.

What is the NEET Examination Pattern?

The NEET examination pattern is quite up front with no surprises. The same is provided in the form of a table below for better understanding:


Number of Questions

Total Marks 










You should try your level best to get more and more marks in the exam to appear in the merit list. Additionally, the same score will also allow you to appear for NEET counselling.

What is NEET Counselling?

After any student clears the merit list of the NEET examination, the next phase of the process is NEET counselling. This counselling of students allows them to understand how they should apply to different colleges in the country. Below are some important points that you must remember about the counselling:


  • Students must attain at least 50% in the NEET exam (40% for SC/ST/OBC/PH) to appear for the counselling. 


  • The Medical counselling Committee in India conducts this counselling session. 


  • The students need to attend this session online. 


  • The date of the NEET counselling session lies in and around the month of August (tentative).