Ms. Ayushi



Choosing the right preparation option for a competitive exam is a must. A mock test analysis is to identify the pointers that will help you in making strategies and have a better understanding of your strength and weaknesses during your preparation.

Now, we know the pressure that comes along and how it disturbs your mind-set. Getting stressed, nervous and being scared is completely normal; all you need to do is to learn how to deal with it. It is because of this reason you should appear for these tests to get a clear idea of where you stand as an aspirant who wants to clear CAT.

These tests are designed in a way that familiarizes you with the concept of online interface and makes you understand the pattern of how an actual CAT exam would be. You have to take a step forward and for the mock test ASAP because procrastinating is going to lead you nowhere. It’s a myth to start it after you are fully prepared as you are never really fully prepared; mock tests are instead a part of your preparation.

How to analyse your mock test:

1.       Attempt the CAT Mock  and check your scores

2.      Immediate analysis of your performance

·         Section wise

·         Area wise

·         On the basis of time acquired.

3.      Resolve the test

4.      Check your solution.

5.      Make a cheat sheet.

6.      Plan & strategize your next mock.

7.      Repeat.

Suggestions for a better analysis:

·        Analyse your CAT Mock test immediately; as you are still in the mood and mind-set.

·        You would also be able to use the rough sheets if needed.

·        Don’t give up soon, keep giving the mock test and keep your analysis going.

Keep calm, focus, study, give mock, analyse, understand, relax and repeat.
All the best