Ayushi Sanadhya


B-School” is a college or university that offers business degrees or courses. B-Schools offer both undergraduate and graduate programs, although the most famous program is Master in Business Administration.

MBA is a post-graduate business degree that teaches students managerial, and leadership skills. Earning an MBA gives you valuable business acumen, expands your professional network, and creates new opportunities. It’s an ideal option to consider whether you want to enhance your career, the transition to a new industry, or become an entrepreneur.

B Schools generally tries to keep the approach of “learning by doing”; enabling students to learn faster and work more efficiently. Now, the things that you learn as a management student in the very beginning are the functions of management – Planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling which involves a no. of people coming together as a team working towards a centralized goal that is to be achieved.

In usual times, B schools try to teach the importance of a work environment because ultimately the students will move further as they work in different organizations or might start their own organization where people management, client interaction, dealing with subordinates and superiors, giving presentations, getting the work done by others, etc. happens in the real world where people are present physically and mostly face to face. Even though, the E-Commerce industry was growing at a good pace; it’s still not something that everyone can rely on for everything.

In Contemporary Education system students are taught the skill of problem-solving according to real-world activities. This is what we have to do here. Due to the pandemic, students would not be able to get practical exposure to the fundamentals we discussed above. But an online MBA is always an option.

B schools are working on revising the curriculum to incorporate the learnings from this widespread disruption in nearly all the subjects for this year’s and the coming up batches.

Also, some of the most crucial and critical topics like- Effects on the economy, sustainability in businesses during the difficult times, Dynamics of HR due to “Work From Home”, Graph of the E-commerce industry, New methods of Networking in this era etc. will be discussed and analyzed. Perhaps for the first time ever, academics are having to tweak courses in real-time to reflect the changing reality of the situation outside the campus.

Though; “Management lessons are done only after arriving at success or failure”.
As per the experts, there are many lessons to be learned from this pandemic.

Good Luck