How to Tackle the Top 5 MBA Essay Questions

If you are planning to appear for an MBA and are preparing for the same. Below are some of the most commonly asked essay type questions that paper while you apply for MBA college in Jaipur/Pune/Elsewhere.


MBA is a very prestigious and renowned degree. With the help of the course, you can easily secure your future by getting a high-paying job very efficiently. Additionally, you can also get a lot of experience regarding the domain and your specialization for the best. To prepare for an MBA, you first have to appear for different kinds of exams. These exams test the aptitude and problem-solving skills of an individual. Moreover, these are also used to ascertain the knowledge of the language of the aspirants. Hence, you will find an essay-type question in the paper while you apply for an MBA.


These questions are of great value to the aspirants. If answered perfectly, you can easily secure admission to the desired MBA college in Jaipur/Pune. To help you further with such questions, we are listing and explaining the top, commonly asked MBA essay-type questions as gathered from over the past decade. We will list the type of questions, as well as explain how to address them perfectly to gain a better score. So, let's proceed further with the same.

Common Essay Type Questions As Seen in MBA Exams


Below are the frequently asked essay-type questions in different MBA exams for different aspirants. Have a look at these and know how you can answer to get the best results. Go through the questions very carefully and then use the pointers provided smartly.

1. What are your Weaknesses and Strengths?


This is one of the most commonly asked questions by an MBA college in Pune/Jaipur. This question is not concerned with what but with how. The examiner wants to ascertain how you deal with a situation using your strength. It is also concerned with how you dealt with your weakness and fought further with any situation. This question is a way of knowing how well you respond and act when any troubling situation or problem sets foot in front of you. Hence, you should answer the question accordingly.

2. Why do you Want to Pursue an MBA?


Another common question as seen in the MBA college in Jaipur/Pune exams is why you choose MBA as a career path. This question may also contain other related content like your career history, future goals, etc. You should divide the answer to this question into different parts. These parts are, the past, what motivated you to get to this point of selection. Presently, why do you want to proceed with an MBA now? In the future, what are your short-term and long-term goals with the degree and how do you want to proceed?

3. What Was the Last Leadership Role That You Played?


You may also come across this question while applying for the desired MBA college in Pune/Jaipur. With the help of this question, the examiners want to ascertain whether you are comfortable with teamwork and leadership or not. The answer to this question helps them analyze how you dealt with the role you were provided and know whether you would be a good fit as a leader or not. So, you should answer this question very wisely after analyzing all the points.

4. How would you deal with a situation in which you face the most complex ethical conundrum? Use an example. 


Lastly, the question of ethics is also commonly seen in the exams for an MBA college in Jaipur/Pune. After facing a long criticism over selecting morally-depraved aspirants, various business schools have now started analyzing the moral aspect of the aspirants. With the help of such questions, the examiners try to ascertain the values and ethics of the students. How you as a manager would take any decision by taking virtues and humanity by your side for the good. You should always answer such questions with utter honesty and keep the greater good in front of you.


So, these were some of the most common questions asked during the admission or selection process of any MBA college in Pune/Jaipur. We hope that these helped you gain the precise perspective for the essay-type questions and the approach towards solving them.