How to Prepare for the JEE Exam 2023? Top 10 Tips from JEE Toppers

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As per the records around 13 Lakhs students apply for the JEE exam with an aspiration to see themselves in the position of their idols. JEE exam 2023 is highly coveted. To get the dream college you have to walk the extra mile. The competition is immensely high and many aspirants compete for the seat in the IITs, NITs, and CFTIs. Many students appear for the exam but only a few are able to secure a seat in the top colleges.

Some of the advice of the toppers are accumulated here to aid your JEE preparation. The tips followed by the toppers to excel in the JEE exams 2023 in the most unchallenging way are:

1.     Make a daily schedule

What can be better than having your own timetable with clear-cut goals? A timetable will help you keep a track of time. If followed rigidly, it will help to succeed. JEE preparation requires a lot of focus and for that purpose, it is important to follow a study schedule that distributes equal time to all three subjects. It will also boost your confidence and will also improve your learning power. This is a common strategy that not only the JEE toppers follow but anyone fighting for the competitive exams.

2.     Distractions need to be eliminated

Everything that is hindering your preparation like social media, video games, mobile phones, Instagram, or Twitter need to be outcast to clear the exam in first attempt. Distractions like these can lead you to procrastinate your preparation which can further create problems and reduce your chances of scoring high in the exam. To get refreshed it is better to go for a walk and spend the free time with yourself.

3.     ETOOS JEE test series to rescue

The question related to what strategies do toppers adopt is asked a lot and the simple answer to that question is lots and lots of practice. This is followed by every ranker as practicing is the key. Practice as many JEE test series as possible, these JEE test series are designed on the basis of NTA paper pattern that gives an idea about the type of questions that can be asked in the exam and also helps to boost confidence.

4.     No doubt for later

Each and every minute is important while preparing for highly competitive exams like JEE to cover the vast syllabus. While preparing such a vast syllabus it is common to have doubts but what needs to be taken care of is that you should focus on such doubts and work on them to clear those. Take the help of teachers imparting education and clear them all.

5.     Weak areas need a little more time and attention

It is common in students that they are weak in some areas and strong in others so don’t let them shift you towards anxiety; instead focus on these areas to strengthen them. Take guidance from teachers and experts to work on such areas.

6.     It’s important to stay cool and motivated

The exam has high competition which should not become a matter of demotion for the students and they should be highly motivated to prepare themselves for the toughness of the JEE exam. It is important to remember the goals and keep the aim in mind. Need to focus on studies. Start the preparation with a positive attitude and the next thing that will be witnessed will be only the success.

7.     Choose the right books

Avoid getting confused while selecting the books. The stores are filled with innumerable books that guarantee the best study material for assured success. Selecting the right books is a complicated task, thus while selecting the books, take guidance from teachers or search what books the toppers chose that helped them ace the exam. Choose the books that are easy to understand and grasp according to your understanding.

8.     Focus on Quality rather than quantity

While preparing for the JEE exam 2023, the number of hours a student is studying doesn’t count but what counts is with how much concentration he studies.

9.     Don’t rush while solving the question paper

Before answering any question, read the question carefully twice. Read the question paper correctly then prepare the answers accordingly.

10.                        Need to take care of sleep as it’s crucial for a fresh mind

Sleep taken is equally important as much as the quality of your preparation. Sleep plays a vital role in keeping your mind active. Overexerting yourself will be of no help, to grasp better your body demands proper sleep. Do take proper rest and write your exams in the best of your mind and body.