Appropriate strategies for JEE Main (Sept.)

Ms. Ayushi


Appropriate strategies for JEE Main (Sept.)

There could not be a better timing than this to apply the appropriate strategies for JEE Main September Attempt as there is less than a month to go for the exam. As per our experts there are certain things you could follow in this crucial time of preparation. Below are the given points that will help you prepare better:

Simplify your study pattern:

·         This is the last time of your preparation, so don’t mug up the content or study for long durations.

·         Make a chart of important points and formulas from all the chapters that could help you recall the concepts.

·         Be updated with information and news by internet and reliable social media sources.


Solve papers:

·         When done with your revisions start solving prev. year’s & practice papers.

·         Utilize internet as there are various tests available online in different patterns.

·         Asses your own score and try to perform better next time.

·         Questions can be twisted or straight: but you must to prepare for both to score good marks.


Use your time wisely:

·         Keep a timer to solve papers and its analysis, this will save your time.

·         Prioritize your strong areas so you can score better percentile.

·         But in saved time work on your weak areas so you are not stunned with the questions.



Stay physically healthy and mentally calm:

·         Due to the pandemic everyone is staying at home i. e., no exercise but a lot of thoughts which has been a bit hard to handle.

·         Though it is suggested to spend at least an hour on physical exercise, drink a lot of water, eat on time and sleep well.

·         Try not to take too much pressure, avoid toxic things, people or thoughts, meditate if you are stressed or take a break and do something that makes you happy.

·         Stay at home, eat at home; that is most important to stay healthy for now.


Your exam is soon, it’s just a matter of few days. So, do not give up and give your 100%.
You must stay focused, healthy, positive and self-motivated.

Good Luck